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I’m reinventing myself as a more conscience whole person inside and out.

This Blog I love to revisit time and time again.  Saving and cutting unnecessary spending is definitely an ongoing goal.


Saving money by eating in is a definite easy to do especially when you have blogs like this to expose you to easy and healthy recipes.  Yes it is a Vegan Recipe Blog, but I’m not a Vegan and I’ve tried some of these and they’re delicious! Worth a look see.









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I’ll post what inspires me to reach my goal and what Sales I find worth going to that won’t sway me from my goal.

Crocs & Reebok Warehouse Sale last day of Sale is April 14, 2013

Also located at the International Centre, the Crocs and & Reebok warehouse sale just down one hall.

(Another location at the Markham fairgrounds too)

check the link for the deets & pics of products and strangely pictures of a horse.

Crocs & More

to choose from for the

save up to


70% OFF


ALL Reebok NHL Apparel


Reebok NHL Fleece Tops Reg. $89.99
Now $27.00
Reebok NHL Long Sleeve Tees Reg. $34.99
Now $12.00
Reebok NHL Short Sleeve Tees Reg. $24.99
Now $10.00



Nike Sale – International Centre – Last day of Sale is March 31st, 2013

If you haven’t seen my Tweet about the Nike Sale here you go!

First day of sale, massive line up, good thing I only got there just as they were letting people in. Tons of products the big question, what shoes were there?  Answer that question, casual shoes.  I didn’t see any trainers or running foot wear at the sale for the Women.  There were no Men’s foot wear at all.


Prices were really worth the trip out near the Airport.  Who knows, maybe on the last day of Sale, they may slash the prices, Here’s hoping!

Nike$ Nike$2

UK Designer Sale in Mississauga last day Saturday March 30, 2013

UK spring 2013

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